Specialized Services

General Services

  • Evaluation and psychotherapy
  • Individual, conjoint, and family psychotherapy
  • Children, adolescents, and adults
  • Brief and long-term therapies
  • Psychological testing

Child & Adolescent Services

Evaluation and Assessment

* Psychological evaluation of child and adolescent disorders
* Assessment of behavior disorders of childhood and adolescence
* Evaluation of stress and trauma reactions in children and adolescents
* Assessment of sexually-reactive behavior in childhood (non-forensic)
* Evaluation of developmental and learning disorders

Note: Our psychologists do not conduct child evaluations for custody or visitation-related matters in post-divorce legal proceedings. Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists regulatory rules prohibit a treating psychologist from offering recommendations to a court regarding these matters or any other matter requiring an expert forensic opinion.

Counseling and Therapy

* Behavior disorders
* Attention Deficit Disorders
* Adjustment disorders associated with
loss and grieving
divorce and remarriage
* Substance abuse disorders
* Sexual trauma and sexually-reactive behavior

Individual Treatment Approaches

* Interactive play therapy for young children
* Cognitive-behavioral treatment and interactive therapy approaches for older children and adolescents

Conjoint Treatment Approaches

* Family therapy
* Parent effectiveness training
* Counseling with siblings

Adult Psychotherapy and Counseling

Counseling and Therapy

* Individual and conjoint couple therapy
* Brief and long term therapy
* Physician consultations for medication evaluations
* Stress and adjustment disorders
* Depression and anxiety
* Trauma resolution

Assessments and Psychological Testing

* Alcohol and other substance abuse
* Sexual compulsivity/addiction
* General assessment batteries

Behavioral Medicine and Health Psychology

Evaluation and Assessment

* Diagnostic testing
* Medical conditions contributing to psychological symptoms
* Chronic pain
* Sleep disorders
* Pre-surgical evaluations
* Assessment of symptomology and indications of malingering and factitious disorder
* Personality disorders affecting treatment


* Treatment planning
* Case review
* Second opinions
* Family education and counseling
* Preparation for return to work
* Failure to progress in the medical system
* Excessive use of the health care system

Counseling and Therapy

* Chronic pain management
* Adjustment to disability/injury
* Medication dependence and substance abuse
* Eating disorders
* Relaxation and stress management training
* Counseling for HIV-positive patients and patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia
* Vocational issues
* Treatment compliance